Our development team experts deliver an integrate and customize innovative software to tailor fit the needs of your organization

AD'DOC  is a software  for managing  incoming, outgoing and current information in the enterprise. Advanced Document ™ is a lasting investment for business. 

The architecture, but also the range of  AD'DOC ™ products, enable our customers to achieve great productivity gains, integrating a cutting-edge solution to support their business and communication development.


The IMDS offer enhances performance, increase productivity and maximize efficiency.

Automatic data processing ensure effective data processing and prevent manual error entries. 
IMDS products allow  processing a lot of data in less time and therefore reduce the related costs.
Data integration throughout marketing processes will ensure cost efficiency and optimize your customer engagement regardless the medium used. (letter, e-mail..)
The integration of data throughout the marketing process optimizes customer relations and streamlines the costs of mailings regardless of the medium (letter, e-mail ...).