Training to acquire basic knowledge

To help you get the most out of your equipment and custom engineered solutions, IMDS offers a full suite of training services available for any of our products on-site training or in our premises. 
Our technical experts will deliver custom training sessions specific to your needs in order to carry out  your projects successfully.

We offer specific training on:

  1. Publishing business
  2. Color management
  3.  IMDS products:
    1. AD'DOC TM Capture Pro
    2. AD'DOC TM Capture
  4. Precisely products:
    1. Engage One
    2. Doc 1
    3. Streamweaver
  5. OpenText Enterprise product
    1. OpenText Exstream
  6. CDP Communications products:
    1. STREAMdiff
    2. Adept
  7. Easy Software product:
    1. Easy Enterprise I & II and packages like Xbase, SAP, Lotus...

For more information, please contact us.